* Pitch into sb./sth. 批評或攻擊某人/某事

Ex: What should be done when a regime remains in power by dictatorial means while pitching its people into penury?

Ex: He pitched into me as soon as I arrivedasking where the work was.


*grapple  [grap·ple || 'græpl](+with

n. 抓住, 掌握

v. 抓住, 抓牢; ...扭打

ex: The revelation of Russia-linked campaign ads also means that social media companies will need to grapple with potential congressional action and further regulation from the Federal Election Commission on online political disclosures.

float  [fləʊt]

n. 漂流物; 漂浮; 浮舟

v. 浮動; 散播; 飄浮

*render  [ren·der || 'rendə(r)]

v. 使得, 使成為; 付給

ex: In the next few weeks, three White House policies could essentially render hundreds of thousands of foreigners [(who are) currently allowed to live and work in the US into undocumented immigrants]subject to deportation. 三項白宮政策使得數千萬的外國人面臨被驅離的處境。

imperative 迫切的

ex: I think that's imperative now, we desperately need added numbers at the back.

àIt is imperative that = it is important that

leeway/ free space


Ex: Tax promises are a staple of elections(對於稅收的承諾是選舉的重心), but Italy has less room than most for fiscal profligacy given its strained coffers and a debt ratio that’s second only to Greece in the 19-nation euro area.(但是義大利並沒有太多財政資源可以讓候選人來浪費)

àstaple  [sta·ple || steɪpl] : a staple of 一種主要的

n. 主要產品; 日常必需品; 主要商品; 主食#U形釘; 肘釘; 訂書針; 鉤環, 鎖環

v. ...分級; ...分類; U形釘固定; 用訂書針釘


adj. 主要的; 經常需要的

*prepare the ground: to make it possible or easier for sth. To be achieved

Treasury/ exchequer 財政部






in tatters破敗

ex; …public sector debt was to be held at a sustainable level, …

be held at a sustainable level 維持在一個合理利用的程度

disrepute 壞名譽

ex: The golden rule was the first to fall into disrepute. 名譽開始敗壞


fudge  [fʌdʒ]

n. 乳脂軟糖; 胡說; 謊話

v. 粗製濫造; 捏造; 欺騙,含糊其詞

ex: But if the golden rule could be fudged for a while,….

Gloss over sth. sth. 搪塞過去

*Indebtedness 負債

In debt

Leave out省去、遺漏

* Prudent(a.)

Imprudence = witless


Snarled-up 混亂的

The base rate基本利率(由中央銀行制定)


Scoop 搶先報導



splash  [splæʃ]

n. 飛濺的水, 賣弄, 污點

v. , 使濺起水, ; 濺濕


ex: Antonio Conte is coy on who Chelsea are targeting to bring in to increase their attacking options for the final months of the Premier League season.

* is coy on 對某件事情含糊其詞

stir 逐漸產生; uproar 凹洞

ex: Their publication in Le Point has stirred an uproar.

Substantial 大量的、牢固的

Substantiate 證實

Ex: To substantiate his claims, the official cited the firsthand account of a meeting between Afghan President Ghani and his delegation with the army chief last October.

* To substantiate his claims 為了證實他的觀點/主張

Mundane 平凡的、單調的

Hell for leather 盡快

In terms of 談及、就而言

Apparatus 機關

Mollify 使平靜、撫慰 = conciliate 平息、安撫

Ex: However, to mollify protesters Rouhani will have to translate post-nuclear deal successes.

Ex: the governors were ordered to conciliate and protect them.



Ex: Lawmakers sought to salvage a bipartisan immigration deal Tuesday.


Ex: Why Trump’s ‘enemy of the people’ bluster can’t be compared to Stalin’s savage rule?




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