1. Commercial immigration商業移民
  2. 其他簽證
  1. Non-immigrant: intent is not to immigrant
  3. Immigrant: intent is to become a permanent resident



F1: finish the degree, have one year OPT<engineer is extend to 2 yearsàcause H1B is harder to gain, so they extend the time to issue>

0401: start to issue the H1B visa

US immigration law: if you stay over the time of the visa time, then you automatically breach the law. 觸法

  • Obama’s thought is that, them won’t jail you only for this, unless you breach other laws.

When you enter other people’s house, you need a key<I94> to open the house, your stay could only stay when the I20.

  • (visa privilege)可能會被取消


H1B have only 3 year, and you can ask for an 延期; so totally you have 6 years to get the citizenship

EB1: for rich people; or IQ highàno visa issue limit

Based on where you birth, not what kind of citizenship, passport you have

If PhD want to have EB1, you need to issue approval, like how many papers you have issued and how many people cite you.

  • no need to find the employer.

EB2: have the limit of birth place


I 140: So you have to stay at the same place

*Employer could help you get the green card.



***What kind of stuff and gov. you have to deal with:

Department labor and Department of Home Land Security

  1. Need a labor certificate(勞工職,與美國勞工局開始鬥); we have to present the paper (burden of prove舉證責 to prove that no other people could do this jobà你必須要登廣告來表示沒有美國人符合這工作需求,只有我(外國人)可以做;廣告要登在on 2 Sunday paper; career section;在紐約州的勞工局登廣告30天;要請律師來寫廣告詞;不能寫說要有第二語言if you write this, the liberal department will audit the employer<RFD>, ask you to present logical reason, this process make take you about 2 yearsthe advertisement need to write very general that American won’t be discourage.)
  2. EB has no interview, everything is through paper work.

Q: Once the advertisement is on the internet, what the employer going to do? Do they have to issue a job interview? But if the people go to the job interview, and find out they require a second language which they didn’t write on the job interview, they can file the law suit, right?

-->A: So you have to be very careful in the interview session. 

-->OS: If lots of interview is set up based on these situations, then it's so bad for most people, cause all the job is already taken.



Premium processing: you pay the USA government more money to ask them to speed up the process. **if you didn’t been chosen form the gov., then you have several choices: a. apply for anther degree(continue study); b. go to other country, like Canada; c. change the vise type(it’s actually not easy, so don’t try this one)

àif you breach the American immigration law, then you will be detained

<1 year: then you cannot get back in America for 3 years

>1 year: then you cannot get back in America for 10 years

If you try to come back to America after you have been prohibited for 3 or 10 years, normally illegal immigration, then once you got caught, then you will be in Federal court.

  • Apply for H1B(一年6萬五千個核准機會), you don’t have to be in USA. There is no influence.
  • Once you have process the H1B, and get chose; then you don’t need to be H1B again.
  • Non-for-profit非營利,不受到visa cap的限制;但private company 就要去H1B;
  • H1B
  • Depending on how many employees the company has, the fee is different. For example, for company have over 25 employees, the fee should include lawyer’s fee and application fee: 1500+500+1000. 申請費用非常貴But if the company is smaller, less then 25 employees, the fee will be lower. 不過如果是非營利單位,會比較便宜,可能是需要付500美金的申請費。所以通常雇主會從你之後的薪水來扣。
  • LAWYER RECOMMEND: don’t have to talk about H1B first, cause they probably don’t want to pay the fee first.



  1. Once you get the 勞工職, you will continue to apply for green card in 6 months. (start to deal with 國土安全局, cause you are in land now, you are been controlled by 國土安全局)  **but if you are not in USA right now, then you deal with AIT. Once AIT approved, you can go to America and become a permanent resident.

J1 visa

  1. 結束學業那一天,開始算起,持有J1簽證者必須要回國兩年,才能夠在申請美國的其他簽證(途中可以來美國旅遊,但不能申請工作簽證或移民簽證)

***美國國稅局IRS: 如果你在美國待到第六年,你的雇主就要把你的醫療保險、退休金等先扣下來;前五年是不用的,不管你的身分


Green card

Q: 如果我有綠卡,我可以幫我的親人申請綠卡嗎?


配偶: 你可以幫他申請綠卡 






**研究助理的薪資不需要符合美國最低工資(因為你在他的房子下,你就要符合他的規定,美國人的想法就是你如果不接受,那你就不要來呀!);要申請H1B(勞工局不是看你的工作職稱,而是看你的工作內容符不符合special occupation的定義à不過律師可以幫你潤飾一下,把職業內容的說明變得比較像在定義內),必須要高於最低工資,要先看一下你工作的地理位置,再看一下你的職業類型,普遍來講這個薪資的價錢是如何,如果公司給你的薪資低於平均值,你就不可以。





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