Highly recommended places in Vancouver (Written at March 21, 2014)

  1. (ladies only) free ski night on Mon, at Symour Mountain


  1. Granville island

Many great things and stuffs to look and purchase

Great night view!!!!!(start about 7:00pm., it’ll go dark really quickly, so make sure your camera works)

And there have some shops provide fresh sea food, which you can choose and ask them to cook for you!

  1. Lynn suspension bridge park

Beautiful and good for exercise, go with friends, it’s too large to meet other people. They have some free tours and BBQ, check website!

  1. Vancouver Art Gallery, Tuesday night, 5:00-9:00, donation!!!!
  2. Rennie Collection(In china town), free tour, need to register before!
  3. Vancouver Convention Center


  1. Library at Hornby st. beautiful places, and they have TED speech via video!!!
  2. Free tour guide, so great, need to register before!!!


  1. Capilano salmon hatchery+ dam: can see how the salmon grow
  2. Museum of Vancouver, great place! And the beach outside is so so great!!!!
  3. Vera’s burger!!! So huge!!! and tasty! Definitely try it.
  4. English Bay; go at sunny gay, so pretty!
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