Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: television advertising directed towards young people(aged two to five) should not be allowed. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.


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Some people consider the television advertising cause negative influence toward children for leading them to learn some impolite words or behavior. However, as far as I concerned, the negative influence could be avoided by regulation, and we should not oversee the advantage of television advertising can bring about.


First, watching television advertising is a great method to help children to build the sense of comparison. Since television advertising is a product of creativity and efficiency, which needs to present the product itself and the difference between other related products in a very short period of time. When young people watching television advertising, they are also learning how to briefly to describe an item and how to distinct it from other items.


Second, for young people, watching television advertising could also help them to learn more words and sentence. According to research, this generation possesses a faster learning speed than their parents’ generation due to the invention of television, which give children the access of acknowledging the world. It is an easy and low cost learning method, especially for low income families who may not afford sending their children to cram school, for young people to acquire how to express some certain usage. It creates an environment for young people, even though they are kept in houses, they can learn how adults describe something.


I commit that the concern of television advertising may present some improper image or message to induce sales, however, this kind of improper advertising could be easily prevented by laws and enforcement. Different from sexual movies, television advertising has full access to any age generation, therefore, it is crucial that the advertising should not use or express any sexual or violent sentence and image for public order and good morals. Therefore, the concern is due to an unregulated market, which should be ruled by the government, letting improper image show on television. Via regulation, we can guarantee only censored advertising would be shown to protect the good morals of our society.


In conclusion, for all the benefits that television advertising could bring about, there is little reason, besides the cost of television and electricity, to reject young people to watch television advertising. 




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