A recent sales study indicates that consumption of seafood dishes in Bay City restaurants has increased by 30 percent during the past five years. Yet there are no currently operating city restaurants whose specialty is seafood. Moreover, the majority of families in Bay City are two-income families, and a nationwide study has shown that such families eat significantly fewer home-cooked meals than they did a decade ago but at the same time express more concern about healthful eating. Therefore, the new Captain Seafood restaurant that specializes in seafood should be quite popular and profitable.

Write a response in which you discuss what specific evidence is needed to evaluate the argument and explain how the evidence would weaken or strengthen the argument.



The sales study indicates that with the increase of sea food dishes consumption in statistic and more two-income families tend to have healthful outdoor meals, the plan of building a new Captain Seafood restaurant would be profitable. However the study gets the conclusion based on flawed assumptions.


The study didn’t rule out other possible reasons of the increasing consumption for sea food dishes. The study using the evidence of an increasing trend of eating sea food dishes in Bay City restaurants during the past 5 years to prove that more people love to eat sea food. However, it is possible the increasing demand could be the result of immigration from other states who have a preference on sea food. If that is the main reason, the flow of immigration should be considered since that they may move in Bay City with some companies’ investments or construction plans and could easily move out to other states in the future.


Though there is no restaurants specialized in sea food right now, there could some discount meal or the sea food meal is cheaper than other meals which lead to the raise of consumption. There could a good fishing records in the past five years which lower the retail price of sea food. Therefore, restaurant have more intention to promote sea food meals or give discount. The study hasn’t consider other possible and reasonable possibilities, and assuming the increasing of sea food meal would consistent in the future could be an impertinent presupposition.


The study should do more research about the situation of existing restaurants. Assuming the demand of sea food is increasing as the study proposed, the crucial question is that the competence of existing restaurants. Though there is no restaurants specialized in seafood yet, the existing ones may have great recipes which could be the main cause of the increasing consumption of sea food dishes in Bay City. If so, then starting a new sea food restaurant may not possess the competence and guarantee profit.


In conclusion, the study need to provide more information and do more research about the local situation to evaluate the profitable of the new Captain Seafood restaurant.

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