Some people think university professors should spend more time doing research while others think they should spend more time educating students. What is your view? 



When asked about whether professor should spent more time in research or in teaching, the vast majority of people claim that research is much more important for professor cause they are the smartest person in the nation and should figure out the difficult problems rather than wasting their time in low-reproductive teaching. However, professor should spend more time in education for the following reasons, inspire themselves in the process of teaching, and help the academic prosper.


Truly some people consider that with the limit of time the professor processes, they should spend their time on more meaningful things, for example, few people interest in learning how spider captures and tripped their prey while professors obsessed with and got the inspire to create glue. Yet, from my perspective, there is no conflict between teaching and doing research, instead they complement each other.


Through teaching, professors not only teach students how to master the lesson but also practice their own theories in class. For example, the psychologist extends their theory from the observation of human interaction. Or, the physical professor can explains his or her theory in class to find an inspiration. Theory is only true after the process of refutation and refine. There is few process and advance if the professor just study and do experiment by his own team without absorb new blood.


Also, research is never an overnight success, it requires time to prove it’s true. All the success that we gain is the accumulation of tons of prior failure. Therefore, it’s crucial for professor to explain his or her passion, imagination, and theories to their students who could be the future professor and pass on the fire of justifying the truth.


In conclusion, teaching is a task which is more important than research. Professors should not close in their little garret and doing experiment. Through teaching, professors get the chance to discuss the theory from other perspectives and could pass on the theory for more people to know or inspire some future scholars.


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