Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The advice from the grandparents is of no use to their grandchildren because the world has changed a lot over the past 50 years.



Currently, some people take less attention of what their grandparents advised because of whom may provide obsolete suggestions. Yet, as for me, the advice from the grandparents is still useful even if the world has changed a lot over the past 50 years. In fact, many advices are timeless, which should be practiced with perseverance.


First and foremost, some advices are not going to be outdated, for instance, the principle of moral standard, being a decent, and a responsible person. Truly, grandparents have less information about the changing world, for example, they probably have no clue about how to earn money as a SOHO; however, they are wiser in other aspects based on their experienced lives. For example, my grandfather always asks me to be respectful to everyone, even to the beggar. At first, I didn’t really take this advice seriously, but I practiced it day after day. One day, I got robbed in downtown, and one beggar helped me find my purse back. That’s when I found that the unchangeable spirit that my grandfather’s advice is, the equality of each other no matter the richness or poverty.


Second, grandparents gain the ability to evaluate a person whether is worthy to get along with or not. In society, people access each other to wonder if he or she is a good person to whom we should get along. For example, to start your own business, you have to find the perfect match partner to work with, but how to assure these potential partners share the same value or moral standard with you? For young adult, the assessment toward people is difficult because of lacking the social experience. In the counterpart, grandparents whom have been through a great amount of calamities and incidents have a better insight in how to evaluate a person.


Also, young adults are usually more short-sighted which lead them to do some wrong choices in critical moments. Since young adults spent more time in school, which creates a gap from real world, they have to get through arduous struggles to get a much more understanding of what they want and their future is about. Therefore, the advices from grandparents sometimes provide a good insight, because they have more experience in dealing with messy tasks and tangled relationship. That’s the core reason why my uncle took the resumes of applying for CFO in his company to my grandmother, asking for opinions about whom would be the best candidate for this position.


In conclusion, though society had been through dramatically development, it has affected the core idea of how people get connected. Therefore, listen to your grandparents benefits yourselves in making decisions. 

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