Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Visiting museum is the best way to learn about a country.



How to learn about a country? Some people may recommend visiting their major city to have a gaze about their iconic buildings. Others suggest that learning their language is the best way to find out the country’s culture and spirit. As for me, I believe that the best way to learn about a country is through visiting museum.


First and foremost, the goal of museum is exhibition, so it gives people a clear vision of what this country is like. Overwhelming by abundant information and materials to guide you how to learn about a country, it’s hard to choose which area we should get started. Hence, visiting museum is a good way to start with. Museums possess the most treasure part of the country, including the relics, sceneries and people. Therefore, via going to museum can help people gain knowledge about this country.


Second, the museum presents the history and famous landscapes which requires arduousness to find in the country by ourselves. A country is a combination of numerous population and cultures, and these elements usually could be seen in particular spots. For example, Taiwan is famous of the aboriginal culture and Taipei 101, yet two places are located in great distance. Taipei 101 is in the middle of city hall, but the place that these aboriginals lived is far away from the city hall. However, in our national museum, there has an exhibition of the history and image of aboriginal culture and also Taipei 101. Museum provides a more convenient way for people to go through the best part of this country.


Finally, visiting museum is the most economical and efficient way to get a brief understanding about the country. Since most scenery need entrance fee to get in, it costs a lot if people want to visit every historic spots around the country. Also, people have to spend a great fortune and time on transportations. Instead, with only one ticket, you can go through this country quickly in museum, which basically have intact collection of the images and memories of this country.


In conclusion, due to the great amount of the collection, the intactness of exhibition and the lower cost on time and money, visiting museum is the best way to know the country. 

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