Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is often not a good thing for people to move to a new town or a new country because of the lose of old social connection.



Some people have this concern that once they move to a new town or a new country, they will lose their old social connection. In my opinion, this concern is not necessary and inaccurate. Social connection can be maintained with efforts, and could be easily regained and strengthened by nowadays technology.


First, there are hundreds of methods for people if they want to maintain their old social connections. As far as I concerned, the only cause of people lose their old social connection is lack of efforts to maintain rather than the relocation. Sometimes, distance may strengthen your relationship. For example, I moved to another city after my elementary school graduation. Since then, I have written postcards monthly to my old neighbors, and classmates. Until now, my best friends are still the people with which we grow up together.


Also, with advanced communication technology, we can well maintain the old social connection even moving from that neighborhood. Right now, salesperson is not a locative occupation. With smartphones and computers, they can still communicate with their customers from miles away. Take my uncle for example, though he isn’t live in our neighborhood, our neighbors still purchase health and life insurances from him.


Though some people may claims that social connection lost due to the lack of common activities, for example, no more bowling games together with your neighbors. For my perspective, if the social connection only built on the joint activities, it truly could be lost due to the relocation. However, this kind of social connection could be easily search in your new neighborhood, by asking your new neighbors go out bowling, picnic, or mountain-hiking together. What I want to emphasis is that there are difference between this type of social connection and the one I had mentioned prior. For this type of connection, I believe it’s not the hindrance or excuse for people not to move to other new places, since it can be easily gained in the new neighborhood.


All in all, with efforts and the advanced technology, the old social connection could be maintained. And the relationship which could be discarded by moving is not the hindrance for moving, since this type of relationship can be easily duplicated in new location. 

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